About the company: 

Scooterson is a start-up company building the intelligent two-wheelers of the future.

Job Description and Requirements:  

Who we are?
We are the two founders of a technology startup, working on some really awesome stuff. The rest you need to dig it out yourself before the interview ;-)
Why we need an Executive Assistant?
One of the problems we constantly facing lately is making sure that we are using our time in the most productive way, by tackling only the tasks that no one else can do better than us. For this we need to offload the administrative tasks. That is why we want to hire you.
What you will do?
We need someone to partner with, who can also be trusted with coordinating our professional life, calendars, emails, meetings, contacts, etc. Then we need someone who can relieve us from administrative work, so we can focus only on the responsibilities that come with leading the company. So we will entrust you with the following:

• Managing our daily calendars as a gatekeeper against any waste of time.
• Identifying and prioritising the list of things we need to do each day, like: important emails to follow up, documents we need to review or sign, deadlines we are missing, reminders, etc.
• Produce and communicate relevant information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text, data, and graphics. For example generating an investors update, creating a job description, like this one.
• Reading and routing correspondence, initiating and follow-up in email conversations.
• Make sure that all invoices are paid on time and our subscription are not canceled.
• Procurement and expenditure tracking.
• Filling data in contracts, NDAs and other repetitive documents we have to sign
• Booking professional travel: address our queries regarding travel arrangements, reserve flights and accommodations.
• Register us to events, conferences, meetups, etc.
• Making sure all expenses are properly recorded and communicated to our accountants.
• Reconcile expenses marked as uncategorised by our accountants.
• Taking on ad-hoc random tasks that seem important but difficult to complete due other priorities or meetings scheduled.
• Maintain the office condition, snacks and drinks stocks and arrange necessary repairs.
• Manage other logistics like: office moves or remodeling
• Research about random things we need to find or learn sometimes. Basically, googling for stuff.
• Provide general support to visitors.
• Making sure we eat lunch at the right time and without losing 10 minutes of thinking which place to go around the office. Yes, this might sounds funny but can be challenge since one of us is a vegetarian and the other a meat-lover foodie.

How is to work with us?

Whilst we will be two enjoyable dudes most of the time, we can be pretty blunt sometimes. This might seem as rude or uncaring, but once will know us better you will understand that is because we either care too much about everything or we are just too eager to fix something fast and in this process we might forget to say please or thank you. When will give you feedback that you were wrong, we will definitely won’t yell or swear, but most likely we will be brutally honest. This can make some people uncomfortable or unhappy. Because we want you to be happy, if you are one of those sensitive persons, you should stop reading right now and look for other job, maybe as a florist. So, this was the disclaimer and you have been warned :-)

On the other hand, you will learn many new things and grow fast personally, together with the company. It will be a thrilling ride and you will learn what it’s like to run a company. What you will learn whilst working with us will be highly valuable for you a few years from now, when you will start your own start-up.

The future.
It is perfectly fine if you won’t be our executive assistant for the long term, but we wish to find someone who will happily stick to this job for at least 1 year. After that, if you will like find yourself attracted to some other work aspects in our company, we’d love to promote you in the higher executive role you might desire.
You are the ideal candidate if you are or you have:
• Ability to self-manage without hand-holding. We need you to coordinate us, without us to manage you.
• Highly organized, because you will need to find the order in our chaos.
• Excellent time management skills, because we suck at time management.
• Excellent written communication skills in english, including perfectly balanced and neat formatted texts, because one of us is a grammar police person and a former visual artist who demands perfection.
• Ability to jump between two completely unrelated tasks with ease, because we will repeatedly stop from your work with new requests and because nobody can not do two task in the same time, since there is not such nonsense as multitasking.
• Long attention span and ability to focus on just one task without being distracted by your mobile device every other minute, because one of us is not a millennial and dislikes constantly rewarding yourself with cat hiccups videos.
What you need:
• A degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
• Fluent with Google Apps, Word, Excel, Trello, Slack.
A plus:
• 1+ year experience as Executive Assistant to senior management.
• fluent with Adobe Photoshop and/or Atlassian Apps.
• familiar with agile methodologies.
• you speak Mandarin.
• you are not a instagram addict.
• Our products, free.
• Medical insurance.
• Flexible hours.
• A ticket to Mars at exit*
* we will explain this later ;-)

One more thing:
Make sure you have read and know what is this job about, word by word, otherwise we will know you didn't and then you fail ;-) Also, come with a list of questions for us, the smarter the questions are the better chances you have.

Job Type

Full Time


Market Salary



Closing Date

May 30 2019